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The Dominant Husband Project is started with one simple goal, to train young men to become true Dominant Males. Being a Dominant Male means much more than just telling someone what to do. Being a Dominant Male does not stay confined to your relationships. Being a Dominant Male is a difficult but worthwhile journey. I say this is a journey, because no one is ever perfect, yet we all strive for perfection. In your journey, you will find many obstacles. Your friends and family may disagree with your values, and may even go so far as to disown you and ostracize you because of them. Do not waiver. Do not falter. Stand strong in your beliefs, because as a Dominant Male, that is your responsibility and your burden. We need to re-balance what feminism and the industrial age have so overwhelmingly unbalanced. I cannot take this journey for you, but I am there with you.
I would like to say to every visitor, this site is not about oppressing women. I am sorry if anyone’s view of “empowerment” makes them think that, but empowerment is only a word created by feminists to imply that women didn’t have any power beforehand. If women were never seen to have power beforehand, then where did the thousands of years of goddess worship come from? Where did queens and warrior women come from(Boudicca for example)? The idea that a Dominant Man is an oppressive one is totally fictional. Just because men were dominant did not mean the women were oppressed. A dominant man is a protector and provider, so why is male dominance treated like the cause of everything it is against? Training men to take charge in appropriate situations, protect those in need, assert and uphold their values, practice monogamy, treat their families right, not abuse power, and be positive influences in society is in no way oppressive.