I haven’t written in a while, I’m now fully recovered from a recent surgery so I thought I’d check in. I check the stats for the site, and see all sorts of traffic. For certain terms I’m first page on google, traffic is coming in, at least 100 a day, yet almost all of the comments I get are from random spammers. Why is that?

Well, here is my theory. Every day, people visit this site. They come here from all walks of life, searching for something that feels right to them ┬ábut is lacking from society. What do they do? They read on, they think to themselves “I’ll join once there’s a little more support”. They don’t want to be the first members or first to make comments or ask questions. They think “if no one else agrees, I shouldn’t agree either”, and they just read on and then wander off.

Unfortunately, this leads to bad things. People seeking support for their inclinations towards a male dominant way of life keep searching, hoping they can find a place where there are more people so they don’t feel alone. Then they stumble on something like dominate software (stay away from those assholes, bad news). A group that defines male dominance as women having absolutely no value, being passed around amongst random guys like worthless trash, and encouraging women to defile themselves with random strangers. That is not male dominance, that is women being used. Before my girl found the group she’s with, she accidentally stumbled across their site. When I looked it over I was completely disgusted. They encourage women who join, to go on 5 random dates with 5 random strangers, and end each of those first dates with… I’ll spare you the rest. Anyone who would encourage a female to do that has no right calling themselves anything other than a horny boy looking for people to manipulate. That is not dominance.

So, which would you rather turn to, and rather others to turn to? Step up and be one of the first. Say hi, say you like the site, ask questions, join the forum. If hundreds of thousands of people can join a crowd on wall street with no particular purpose or demands, then why can a few not join here? You are not alone, and if you join The Dominant Husband Project, others will follow.

Hoping to here from some of you soon.


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  1. m says:

    Just trying to learn more. I think it is natural for the man to be dominant but in today’s society it is harder bc of things moving at such a fast pace (21st Century) iit’s hard to regain that dominant position in your life, marriage, or relationship. I personally am so busy that the wife takes care of a lot of decisions while Im not home. This transcends into our daily life together bc she is so used to making decisions while Im gone, its hard to change when I get home. I also think that how you are raised has a lot to do with it as well. I’m looking to find a model to follow to becoming more of a dominant male with my wife. I feel I am pretty dominant in male relationships and dont consider myself feminine at all. I love contact sports, fighting (sometimes), and overall getting dirty and working outside. Just need help getting the marriage right with the submissive/ dominant thing. I feel the relationship will be better and naturally aligned.

    1. Eric says:

      Taking the dominant role really just starts with small things. You have to sort of ease it in. Start with something like saying “lets go to dinner” and telling her what dress she should wear. Or when she’s sick telling her to go get some rest. As you start with small decisions at first she may not even notice, but as you gradually assert more dominance it will comfort her. As long as the decisions you make for both of you are in her best interests as well as yours, there won’t be much if any resistance.

  2. ahjirasa says:

    Please keep writing. I’m looking for sites, especially blogs maintained by “dominant” husbands to share with my dh, whom I’d like to become more dominant in our relationship.
    English is not his first language and reading isnt as interesting to him as it is to me but he is willing to read and learn so he can make me happy. Thank God for all this.
    Sites like yours that would detail what being a dominant husband is all about and would give practical examples would be extremely helpful.
    Please continue to write. I promise to come back and read more, especially if you can post about how you handle the relationship with your wife, what you do to make her feel more feminine/submissive, things that have worked for you/or not, building a D/s marriage with little ones around, etc.
    The more practical the advice, with bullet points/outlines, the better God willing.
    Thank you:)

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