Disgusted and Angry

I have recently learned of something being called a Bro Choice Movement. These little bastards that call themselves men are coming out pro abortion, purely because they are less likely to have to have responsibility with their random sex and debauchery.

For sooo many reasons this is just wrong, and I’m so angry about it right now it’s making it hard to keep my thoughts clear, so bear with me.

1. Abortion is unnecessary with todays technology. I can understand why it may have been an important right back in Roe vs. Wade times, (by the way Norma McCorvey aka “Jane Roe” was pro life and worked for pro life causes) but during those times the birth control wasn’t reliable and available and you had to get an abortion when you found out you were pregnant, which would be a while. Now, there are tons of different kinds of birth control. If birth control fails, take some RU486. Taken within a couple days of the “incident” and a baby never gets conceived. You change your mind partway through? Give birth and you can legally drop that baby off with any adult no questions asked. Safe Surrender in my state. No need for adoption paperwork, no need for anything just drop it off.  It’s no longer “Women need legal abortion, their only recourse is backalley abortion”, now it’s “No abortion? So I’m going to have to use readily available protection and birth control and show some responsibility?!”. Even if you could have called abortion a necessity back then, now it is not.

2. Today’s version of Men is absurd, men are taught socially that it’s ok to do nothing, have no responsibility, and play video games in their mom’s basement until they’re 40. Society and media teach them there is no need for monogamy, no need for family or family values, they are taught to be greedy and self centered for their entire lives. Bro Choice is just an extension of that.


The problem is that being Pro Life is often bunched in with being Republican, anti gay, anti civil rights and anti poor people. If you truly care about saving unborn babies, then forget all of the other stuff. Give a little, it’s not a all or nothing. So many times I hear the same people shouting no abortion being the same one’s who are against birth control, RU486, sexual education, etc. If you don’t want people to get abortions, maybe you should consider not arguing against the methods of preventing them, ya think?

Republicans and democrats will never agree, but compromise is a 1st grade concept that they should take into account in congress.

It’s A Girl


As a Husband and Father I can’t help but ask myself- What kind of man would sit by and do nothing?

I value females. I’m a Dominant Husband not because I think that men are better than females, but because men need to stand up and take responsibility for not only their families but also in their community. All real men, no matter how much they might try to bury it, have an instinctual need to to protect and provide for their families and those weaker or smaller than them. So it disgusts me that any man anywhere can sit back and do nothing knowing that their family, village or town is encouraging and or assisting in the murder of baby girls.

In india, people want to have boys and if they get a girl instead they either kill it, or they neglect it to death. Many blame this on the dowry they can’t afford to pay to marry a daughter, and this is such an alien concept I cannot wrap my head around it. “Here, take all this money to take my daughter”. At car dealerships in India do they also give you fistfuls of cash to take their cars?!

I have an absolutely beautiful 3 year old baby girl. Her and her brother are two of my greatest joys in life. I would kill or worse to protect them from harm, as would any father instinctively.  The thought of someone even suggesting that I hurt my little girl or allow her to be hurt would send me into a murderous rage. If I even thought that something like that was going on in my family or neighborhood, I would stop it by any means necessary. So how can people in India sit by knowing that it is going on all around them?

Read the blog linked at the top of this page and see how one man is making a difference, and help in any way you can. And if you are a Man in India reading this then you need to step up and actually be a man and do everything you can to stop it.

Examples of Dominant Men

Its been a while since my last post. Some of you may have noticed the forum has been deleted. This is due to the heavy amount of spamming making it nearly impossible to keep up with the forum. I generally stay very busy and come here when I have the chance, and with that much spam coming in I just got rid of it. The Facebook page can be used for us to all network together until I get the time to install a more secure forum.

I’ve received some interesting questions via email so I thought I’d go over a few of them.
First: “Why do you think men should be dominant everywhere? They can’t just go bossing everyone around.”

The problem with that question is it shows misinformation as to what it means to be dominant. There is a huge difference between dominant and domineering. A domineering person goes around trying to be everyone’s boss, they may or may not actually care about what they are demanding or lead with any kind of example at all.A true Dominant Man, or at least my definition, is a man who only has authority because it is given to him. He leads by example, truly cares about what it is he asks of others, and doesn’t back down from his morals or standards. He cares for his community and does what is in the best interest for his family, friends, and community.

Another Question- “I can’t just sit around and be submissive and wait for a man to tell me what to do, where do I fit in your ‘society’?”
Being submissive to your husband doesn’t mean you are submissive to the world. My girl submits to me because I have earned that right and authority. Because I lead by example and she knows that any decision I make is in the best interest of her and the family. Outside of the home, she is strong willed, independent, has a left hook that can take down most men, and in her own right is an alpha-type personality. This site is not about telling women how they should behave, it is about telling everyone that a Man having a dominant nature should be embraced instead of labeled as archaic and out dated. The thought that we have somehow evolved past the need for male dominance and patriarchy is insane, and the cause for a lot of the degradation of our societies values and the lack of discipline of our youth. Men being dominant does not mean that every female has to submit to every man, it means that men need to hold themselves to higher standards than they do right now.

I am going to give some examples of some real Dominant Men, Men who lead by example, look out for their community and those around them.

  1. Bruno Serato- Here is a Man who has my deepest respect. He not only worked his way from being a poor dishwasher to the owner of a very successful restaurant, but he also gives back to the community in an incredible way. Every day, he prepares fresh pasta from his restaurant and feeds hungry children. My favorite thing I’ve heard him say in interviews- The children get fresh pasta, not leftovers. He doesn’t see them as second rate citizens and throw charity money to cut taxes, he donates his time and energy into giving these kids a good meal with a smile. He doesn’t have t do it, he doesn’t ask for anything in return, he does it because it should be done and he is in a position where he can do it.
  2. Mohammad Ali Jawad- Here is another man I have a huge amount of respect for. He is a very successful plastic surgeon who practices in London and around the UK. He learned about a horrendous epidemic in Pakistan. Men who have no right to call themselves men at all, who should be publicly beaten, tortured, and hung, throwing acid in the faces of girls and women. It is a growing trend for these bastards to do this because they think they can somehow justify it. Accounts of a ten year old girl whose parents were asked if she could marry someone. The parents said no, and the guy came to her home while she was playing in her yard, she didn’t even know who he was, and threw acid in her face because he couldn’t have her. A Teenage girl refuses her school teachers advances, and has the same happen to her. A Woman tired of being beaten asks for a divorce and gets the same. Dr. Jawad after hearing of this going on began donating his time and money into going to Pakistan on a regular basis to do free reconstructive surgery on these women. He talks to them, shows them kindness and caring, listens to their stories, and does his best to help them in the best possible way he can.
  3. Billy Mills- He was a Marine Corps Lieutenant turned Olympic Gold Medalist, who started Running Strong for American Indian Youth. They drill wells, build homes, even helped build the first native-owned dialysis clinic. They feed children, help families, and have been around for more than 20 years. He has also been with his wife for 50 years. Another prime example of a Man who does his best for his home and community.
  4. Antonio Diaz Chacon- A 6 year old girl was sent to the neighbors house to get a pack of tostadas. On her way back someone in a blue van snatched her up, covered her mouth and began dragging her into his van. Antonio was about 15 feet away when he heard a man yelling to give his little girl back, she’s not yours, and his neighbor comes up to him and says they stole our little girl. As his wife and the little girls sister called 911, he chased down the van. It ran into a light pole trying to evade Antonio, which gave him the chance to catch up and save the little girl. Whether he admits it or not, Antonio is a true hero. From his wife-  ”He says everybody is calling him a hero but he feels he is just a normal person who did something for that little girl that anybody could or should have done.” I couldn’t agree more.
  5. Victor Perez- One morning Victor was standing outside his home talking to his cousin after hearing an Amber alert about an 8 year old girl. He suddenly sees a vehicle matching the description, and in a split second decision jumps into his ford pickup as his cousin calls the police.  He drives up to the other vehicle, sees the little girl, and does everything he can to stop it. He forces the other truck off the road, the little girl is pushed out, and he saves her telling her she is going to be alright. How long would it have taken the police to respond if Victor hadn’t given chase? Would that little girl still be alive? Thankfully we never have to know thanks to Victors brave actions. Said Victor- ”I didn’t have no fear. I wasn’t thinking of me no more. I was just thinking we need to get that little girl to safety, I wasn’t going to give up. … I couldn’t give up.”

This is the goal of the Dominant Husband Project- Men taking responsibility whether they have to or not. How many hungry kids would there be if every man who ran a restaurant did what Bruno does and started feeding them? How many families could benefit if every man did like Billy Mills and did everything he could to help others in need? How many disfigured/injured/sick people would get their lives and dignity back if every doctor donated some of their time and effort to helping them the way Dr. Jawad does? How many little girls would be kidnapped and go missing, sometimes never to be seen again, if every man took action when needed the way Victor and Antonio both did?

Unlike what other groups say, groups like the National Center for men, men need to be taught to take responsibility. People like Mel Feit make the world a worse place by doing things like trying to say that a loser like Matt Dubay is a hero for standing up for his right not to be a father.  He is a coward who doesn’t want to take responsibility. Whether he intended to have a child or not, even if the mother did some sort of psycho crazy trick to get pregnant, the child is innocent and his responsibility. That child still needs to be taken care of no matter the circumstances, and a real man wouldn’t even care if the child is his. All he would see is a child in need and the ability to help that child. People like Mel Feit make me sick. The so called “Mens activism” groups have it all wrong. They see a ridiculous law passed for feminists, and instead of just trying to get rid of it, they try to turn it around and make it give them less responsibility. They do things like have women charged for domestic abuse, all stemmed from a kindergarten mentality of “if you can do that then I can do this” instead of the adult mentality of “that shouldn’t be, so lets get rid of it”.

If half the men of our country would take responsibility instead of try to avoid it, would take the examples of other dominant men like the ones listed above to heart, we can bring about a real change for the better in our society.

As a side statement, I am a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I think it is great that without realizing it they show one important aspect of human nature, when broken down into small groups in extreme circumstances, the men are dominant and expected to be the leaders. Not that they are making some sort of statement, just that whether openly acknowledged or not, deep down people still know a mans true nature. Just something to think about.

Keeping on

Well, it seems still no one wants to step forward and openly support the site, though the traffic I’m receiving shows me enough to know I’m at least reaching some of you, so I’ll continue anyway.

Its been an odd sort of week for me. I have two kids, who I love more than life itself, and I spend quite a bit of time outside with them in the yard or in the woods. There are a couple of kids who are a few years older than my oldest, who is four, that live just down the road. I was outside with my son letting help me go through our scrapwood pile so I could build a new standing loom for my girl (craft time is very important, and the small lap loom I made her was too limited) and the neighbor boys came out.

Let me first say that these are really good kids, and that their situation is 100% the fault of their fathers, but they live with their mother and I guess they don’t spend too much time doing actual bonding with their fathers. They came over, and started playing with my son, and watching me work on building the loom. They were excitedly watching me take apart the wooden pallets, put the salvageable nails in a bucket, and stacking the wood to the side. Next thing I know, they are all three wanting to help, so I have the two youngest stacking the small boards off to the side, while I teach the oldest to remove the nails bending them as little as possible (at this point I already had all I needed to make the loom, but they were having fun and learning, so I let them keep going for a little bit). I Started putting the loom together, letting them all take turns putting a nail in here and there, talking to them, listening to them, telling stories, and hearing the crazy stories that kids will tell. As the day was winding down (I went out to start at 4:30, so it was only about an hour and a half) they had been talking about how they had always wanted to build a tree house, but not in a tree cause they didn’t want to fall (their way of saying a small fort/playhouse) but they didn’t have anyone who would help them. So, I thought it would be a fun little project to build a big playhouse that all the kids can play in together so I volunteered to help them.

Each day, they get off the school bus, take in their backpacks, and then rush straight over. Outside is a rickety scrapwood playhouse, built about 80% by kids under the age of 8 (the rest by me to make sure it stands up and is sturdy, even if it is lopsided). It will be done tomorrow, and they love their little playhouse, and they absorbed the attention like a sponge.

Being a Dominant Husband is about so much more than the husband-wife dynamic. It is about so much more than just attempting to be controlling. It is about doing things that even if only in a small way will have a positive impact on someones life. It is about stepping up not only in your home but in your community as a leader, protector, provider, and doing your best to make your community a better place.


I haven’t written in a while, I’m now fully recovered from a recent surgery so I thought I’d check in. I check the stats for the site, and see all sorts of traffic. For certain terms I’m first page on google, traffic is coming in, at least 100 a day, yet almost all of the comments I get are from random spammers. Why is that?

Well, here is my theory. Every day, people visit this site. They come here from all walks of life, searching for something that feels right to them  but is lacking from society. What do they do? They read on, they think to themselves “I’ll join once there’s a little more support”. They don’t want to be the first members or first to make comments or ask questions. They think “if no one else agrees, I shouldn’t agree either”, and they just read on and then wander off.

Unfortunately, this leads to bad things. People seeking support for their inclinations towards a male dominant way of life keep searching, hoping they can find a place where there are more people so they don’t feel alone. Then they stumble on something like dominate software (stay away from those assholes, bad news). A group that defines male dominance as women having absolutely no value, being passed around amongst random guys like worthless trash, and encouraging women to defile themselves with random strangers. That is not male dominance, that is women being used. Before my girl found the group she’s with, she accidentally stumbled across their site. When I looked it over I was completely disgusted. They encourage women who join, to go on 5 random dates with 5 random strangers, and end each of those first dates with… I’ll spare you the rest. Anyone who would encourage a female to do that has no right calling themselves anything other than a horny boy looking for people to manipulate. That is not dominance.

So, which would you rather turn to, and rather others to turn to? Step up and be one of the first. Say hi, say you like the site, ask questions, join the forum. If hundreds of thousands of people can join a crowd on wall street with no particular purpose or demands, then why can a few not join here? You are not alone, and if you join The Dominant Husband Project, others will follow.

Hoping to here from some of you soon.

Raising Kids Right

What does it mean to raise your kids the right way? In days past, children were raised to learn the trades and skills of their parents. They were taught at an early age the value of a days work, given chores, and taught skills. I think one of the biggest problems as a society that people face, is that with these life skills less necessary due to modern technology, they are fading away. You no longer need to grow and raise your own food to survive, you can just go to the store. You no longer need to know how to make and repair your own clothes.

Just because these skills can be lived without these days, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be passed on. I am a chef, and since my son was old enough to stand he has been helping me cook. By doing this one simple thing, I am passing down my knowledge, building our bond, and teaching him to be a man. It feels good to provide for those you love, be it cooking a meal, catching a fish, or just going to work everyday.

Learn other skills, and pass them to your children as well. People think of sewing, knitting, etc. as womens work. Back in the day, if a man tore his shirt, he would take it to his wife to fix it while he got back to work. What people seem to not realize however, is that if the man was single, he would do it himself. A man cannot expect to be taken care of, he needs to first learn how to take care of himself. This means knowing how to cook for himself, fix things around the house, repair and make clothing, do gardening, many things people commonly mistake as the work of females.

A Dominant Man is already complete. He doesn’t take on a wife because he needs one, but because he wants one. When he gets a wife, if he expects her to do certain things at home, he will need to be able to teach her how he wants her to do it. I taught my girl how to crochet, how to spin yarn, how to cook, how to sew, how to garden, so now I have the right to have her fix my shirt when I bring it to her so I can get back to work.

Children need to be raised the same way. You teach by example. I have already began teaching my 4 year old son to crochet (he’s far from an expert, but its fun for both of us). I teach him by example to be compassionate, protective over his sister and mother, and kind to animals and those smaller than him. A Dominant man needs to be strong, fierce, and merciless when it comes to protecting his family and community, but at the same time he needs to provide kindness, compassion, love, and nurturing. Men today are expected to be emotionless and incapable of cleaning a house. The truth is however, that although a man may not be as open about his emotions, they run just as deep. Men need to acknowledge and train both sides of a mans nature in order to step up as a Dominant Man.

New Site Now Live!

Welcome to the new and improved website for The Dominant Husband Project! Please use the link on the right to join our new forum also. This is a small but important step to our goal of returning some of the natural order to society.

Please share this site with everyone you can, together we can succeed.


On to other things.

I’ve had a few people ask one question in particular, so I thought I’d answer. “I see what your definition is of a dominant male, how do you define a submissive female?”

Many people in today’s society consider the thought of a submissive female to be someone who is either too stupid to know better, someone with emotional or mental health problems, or just someone who is weak. These statements could not be farther from the truth. For a female to truly submit to a man takes strength, will power, and determination. A truly dominant man isn’t going to want someone he can’t even hold a conversation with. He isn’t going to want someone who can’t keep his interest. My girl is a very strong person. She submits to me, but that doesn’t mean she submits to anyone else. She is not a door mat, she is not abused, she doesn’t have any mental deficiencies. As a dominant man, just because I am the one who makes the decisions doesn’t mean that I never ask her opinion. It doesn’t mean that I disregard her best interests when making a decision.

Think of the responsibility of having a submissive female along the same lines of having the responsibility of a child. I am responsible for her well being, I am responsible for her self improvement, I am responsible for her as much as any parent is responsible to their children. I make the decisions, but I put her interests first when I make them. Being in a male-dominant relationship is much like being a father. When a man takes responsibility over his sub, it is very much the same as adopting her. I want her to be the very best she can be. I am responsible for making sure she has access to higher education, for making sure she has appropriate health care, for making sure she has proper diet and nutrition.

What are the benefits for the female then? If she has completely submitted her will to her dominant male, she has become more free than she has ever been. Modern Feminism defines freedom as being able to take on the same hardships and responsibilities of a man. I define freedom as no longer having any stress, worries, responsibilities, or hardships. If something isn’t your responsibility, it isn’t your problem to worry about, and you don’t have to stress or be concerned. A submissive female has the freedom to be herself instead of conforming to what society wants- a pant suit wearing tightly wound ball of stress.

In a relationship that accepts the natural order of Male Dominance, both members of the relationship are happier, healthier, and better adjusted. It is a lot less stressful when both members of a relationship know their place and know where they stand. They don’t have the barriers placed upon them by society, the emotional barriers that prevent them from revealing themselves completely. A “normal” modern relationship is geared toward the “just in case”. They have their rules, such as not to get tattoos because you never know what will happen. Never reveal yourself completely, to stay mysterious so your partner doesn’t lose interest. Those relationships have no complete trust and are doomed to failure. Within a relationship of complete trust and dependence, there is no “what if”, just a what is. The stress is gone, the arguments and power struggles between partners is gone, and what remains is unconditional love, trust, and respect. So don’t look at a dominant/submissive relationship as one person above another, but as two partners with established equal roles.

Great News

The Dominant Husband Project now has its own domain, DominantHusband.org!
I am setting up the site right now, hopefully I will be finished by tonight and everyone can come see it.
In other news, I have some things I’d like to talk about. First, is justice and the law.
In August I saw a great story on the news. A man in New Mexico witnessed a girl being kidnapped, and chased down the kidnapper, got the little girl, and took her home. See more HERE
This is an amazing example of a Man acting the way a man should. Not only a protector and provider to his family, but as a protector of the community. He stepped up and did what needed to be done, regardless of the consequences, his personal safety, and his questionable citizenship. The police chastised him for taking the law into his own hands, saying that girl could have gotten hurt. If he would have done nothing, she would have been! The reason the law is against acts of heroism such as this is because if people start protecting their own communities, then the police won’t have as many jobs! If he would have done as the police would have liked it would have gone totally different! He would have called the police, they would have shown up about 10-15 minutes later. Then they would have questioned him, the family, and anyone else around, which would have taken at least another 30 minutes. Then the police would have begun searching for the vehicle, posting alerts, etc.
Do you know what can happen to a defenseless little girl with some dirtbag in an hour alone?! He could have switched vehicles, hid her in a hole somewhere, the things that would have happened to that girl are unspeakable! What this Hero did saved this girl and her family from unspeakable suffering, and I for one applaud his actions, and encourage any man who sees something like that happening to do the same.  Men need to not fight their instincts, they need to embrace them. If more men would do the same and step up as protectors of their community, there would be a lot less crime and horrible acts going on. Don’t look the other way, and don’t rely on the corrupt and unreliable law enforcement when you can stop it yourself.

Hope Restored!

It has been a very long time since I have checked on this site, much less written on it. All of the feedback I was getting seemed to be negative, and I really began to give up hope that anything would be possible to change, much less that I could do anything about it. Even other sites that are supposedly in support of male dominance seemed to be going against me and what I was trying to accomplish. I decided to put the site on hold, and focus my energy on my own family. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see when I logged in today that  the site has apparently been getting more and more visitors and supporters, and more and more positive feedback from the contact form.
So, I’m Back! Now in this economy things have been increasingly difficult financially, and to be honest I do not have the resources alone to do much with progressing the project. Since I know that there are now may people here reading this and visiting the site every day, I am calling all of you to action! We will start small- The first thing the Dominant Husband Project needs is it’s own real website. Anyone who can donate the $10 (or just register the domain themselves) will be greatly appreciated. Once we have TheDominantHusband.org I will be able to build a community forum, and we can begin organizing things and progressing from there. We will first begin by dividing into state level groups, where everyone will be encouraging membership in their states and local communities. Once we are organized at the state level, we will be able to begin organizing at the community level. I live in NC and will do my part at getting support from NC and my local community.
Once we have the site up and the forum going, it will be able to progress much more smoothly. I will need several people to apply to be leaders of their states branch of The Dominant Husband Project, so anyone interested in taking on that role please contact me via the contact form on the events page.
The leaders of the state branches will be responsible for promoting the project in their state, setting up districts and leaders of those districts in their state, and eventually be responsible for setting up meetings for supporters in their areas.
All state level leaders will hold meetings online weekly to discuss different ideas and goals, report progress with getting support in their area, and to make sure that all of the branches are on the same page.

We will also organize national gatherings, set up public speakers, establish good public relations, and work on gaining national support.
My hope for the future is restored, and I look forward to getting to know all of you and greatly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Men’s Activism

First real post in a while, it’ll just be a quickie though. I looked around for other sites that might share similar views as this one. Some seem to at first, but I have noticed a real problem. There are sites out there at this point that call themselves Mens Activists, and push an agenda that really disturbs me. They look at domestic violence laws, for example, and instead of just calling them ridiculous and unnecessary, they call them unfair. They act like, “fine, we’ll have the laws, but I should be able to report a woman for domestic violence and have the same penalties”. They push for things to be even more “equal” than the feminists are! They try to slap a bandaid of rigid equality over a bleeding artery of forced role reversal. It is no wonder its getting hard to tell males and females apart these days. You get woman hating transvestites on TV saying breasts and curves are gross, twig women that look like boys in magazines and movies, and the ideal Man has the same silhouette . What happened to the difference between us? Equality is just fine, but that does not equal the same! My girl and I are completely equal. I am Dominant and she is submissive. Both equal distance from zero, with the same absolute value. The Darkness is equal to the light, but that doesn’t mean you can see the stars at noon. The “men” crying out about the outrages of women not getting as strict penalties for assaulting a man need to go back to sitting in their coffee shops pretending to be a writer. Damn cry baby yuppies.

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